Squadrone Messaging

Simply send a message to Squadrone, and we'll track your flights.

Just follow these steps:

Download our VCard so we are added as a contact on your phone.

Send us a message to start tracking your flights:

flight start

Then send us another message when you're done:

flight end


Advanced commands to run with the flights:

Flight: Begin

When beginning a Flight we create a short 6 character string. This is your Flight Reference.

You send:

flight begin

Squadrone response:

Flight created.
The Flight reference is: FM8E21

Flight: Begin Arguments

Begin can take additional arguments, to make editing the flight more simple:

  • --drone {name}
  • -d {name}

Add the name of the Drone to the flight. This way you can keep track of the drones that complete the flight. Naming convention is your own.

  • --location {name}
  • -l {name}

Add the location that you are completing the flight. This allows you to specify a location, and continue to fly there.


flight begin -d Douglas -l Farm